Dream Center

Goal: $1,393,500

Current Funding: $509,110


Jesus' words indicate that a single needy child is the greatest piece of heavenly treasure to be found on earth. How much more, then, is a community of children's homes, full of children blossoming and growing, learning and loving this God they are beginning to know. For several years, we have talked and dreamed about a place of laughter and joy, where the children learn, play, wonder, and worship and is surrounded by beauty. It would be a place that would inspire creativity and a greater desire for godliness. It would be a place of community, not inwardly focused but where the goodness of God would overflow the surrounding neighborhood and city. We are now watching as those early dreams turn into an exciting reality!

Dream Center ConstructionThe principles and practical considerations are:

  • Community: Our plan is to build 6 distinct children' homes on this land. Each will be separate and discreet family units who will live as friends and neighbors.

  • Education: The Dream Center will be home to a K-12 Christian School which we believe we provide the best education in all of Nepal. The home will be both for the children of Tiny Hands and the greater community. Our goal will be to educate and inspire the next generation of leaders in Nepal through novel educational methods rarely found in Nepal.

  • Outreach: Our goal is not to create a community insulated from its surroundings, but rather one that seeks to serve its neighbors. As an organization of Christians, our goal is to exemplify the humble and sacrificial love of Christ to the suffering and broken.

  • Vision and Beauty: Beauty inspires vision, and we hope that the Dream Center will be a place not only of rest and reflection, but one that stimulates individuals, children and visitors alike, to find their calling. There will be housing for volunteers, a small chapel, and most importantly a space where passionate people can share ideas, music, and art.

  • Sustainability: While we are raising money for the land and buildings, our hope is that the center will one day be self-sustaining through the use of income-generation projects. If such a center could achieve self-sustainability it could be replicated across the region.


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