Dance For Freedom

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Raise at least $18,500, not only to help intercept girls along Nepal’s borders ($100 helps intercept 1 girl!), but also to purchase a new software package called “Dream Suite” that will provide critical trafficking information to create a significant advantage in dismantling and destroying trafficking networks. This will provide a huge opportunity for Tiny Hands to save lives and prevent girls from being sold. You're not just purchasing a ticket, you're saving a life!


Q. What exactly is this Dance for Freedom?

A. Much like a wedding reception, this dance is a celebration...a way for us to get together for a good, fun time and celebrate the anti-trafficking work Tiny Hands International is doing in Nepal. With a live DJ, dance competitions, a photo booth, silent auction, door prizes and more, this is certainly an event you won’t want to miss!

Q. So, when and where is the dance?
A. On Valentine’s Day, Friday, February 14th at the Lincoln Station in Lincoln, NE. The doors will open at 7PM and we will dance the night away until 11PM.

Q. Valentine’s Day? Does that mean I need to bring a date?

A. Nope. You don’t have to bring a date, but you certainly can. Don’t be afraid to come solo, though, because there is plenty of fun to be had, with a lot of really fun people. Promise.

Q. Should I eat something before I come or will there be food there?

A. Who are we to tell you when you should eat? However, you should know that we will be providing heavy hors d'oeuvres (finger foods, to the lay person), so you will have plenty to eat. Non-alcoholic beverages will also be provided. If it were us (and it is), it would be nice to skip the overly crowded restaurants. Come prepared for some delicious eats and yummy treats!

Q. How should I dress?
A. You can dress however you'd like. Just keep it decent. Some may come in jeans and a t-shirt and other may come formal. Hey, we may even have a costume or two. However you're most comfortable dancing, come in that. If you want a "baseline" for what people may be wearing, we'd say it's probably business casual.

Q. Who can come to this dance?

A. All are welcome, but keep in mind that each ticket is $50. This is a fundraiser, and our goal for the evening (other than having an amazingly fun time) is to help Tiny Hands raise the necessary funds to help their anti-trafficking work in Nepal.

Q. Why pay $50 for this dance when I can have my own personal dance party on my kitchen floor for free?

A. You raise a good point. However, if you have mad dancing skills, why would you want to keep them to yourself when you could win a prize for them? Also keep this in mind...for every $100 raised at this dance, it helps intercept one girl from the reality of a life as a sex slave in a brothel. What better way to dance than to do it with a purpose like that?

Q. So how do I purchase a ticket?

A. When you have your money and want to purchase a ticket for Dance for Freedom, click the “Support This Cause" green button above! Your ticket will be mailed to you if you register before February 7th. If you register after this date, tickets will be reserved for you at the door.

* Just a note* Some people cannot necessarily afford a $50 ticket and have taken to fundraising to be a "sponsored dancer". Consider asking friends or family to help donate towards your ticket purchase, and be sure to tell them what it's for so they can be a part of this effort as well! And if you're good at asking, why stop at $50? Remember, the ticket gets you into the door, but the more money we raise, the more lives that are literally saved....

Q. This sounds like an awesome dance, but I’m busy that evening. Can I still support the cause?

A. Ummm, let us think...YES! That would be swell and super amazing of you. There’s a fancy little green button in the upper left that says “Support This Cause”. You can click there and donate. Be sure to include “Dance for Freedom” so we know it’s for this event. And thank you!

Q. I have a lot going on and I’m not quite sure if I can commit just yet. Can I still get a ticket at the door if I can make it?

A. Please do. We like to know how many are planning to attend for planning purposes. But we’d love to see you there! (But you still have to pay).

Q. I still have some questions, but they aren’t listed here. Who can I ask?
A. Email us at and we’ll respond pronto.

Some more things that may interest you.........

Each year, nearly 15,000 girls are trafficked from Nepal into India and are sold into the sex trade industry. Each sponsored dancer that attends will be representative of saving ONE of those girls from this horror! It will be a night of dancing, fun, food, dancing competitions and even more dancing as we celebrate and turn mourning into dancing!

All of the money that is raised goes to support the work of preventing and intercepting girls who will be sold into the sex trade industry. You’re not just purchasing a ticket into a dance party, you’re helping fight and you’re helping change lives! In response to that……we’re going to celebrate and DANCE!!!


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